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28 March 2009

kedungmaling: on the hot spot

January, Four Died
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Salsa, five DBD Last Victims

MOJOKERTO - Danger bloody dengue fever (DBD) in Mojokerto regency must seem increasingly diwaspadai. Until mid-January 2009, has recorded 20 cases of reach. 4 Even among the dead.

Metha last victim called Sasabila five years of age 4 Hamlet Wringinlawang, Jatipasar Village, District Trowulan. Son of the first pair of two brothers Erik Mutradlo-Puspitasari that mengembuskan breath last Tuesday (20 / 1) night, the RSD Swadana Jombang. Originally we thought''Martha suffered only normal summer. But after we check to a health clinic said he was exposed to DBD, "said Didik, Martha grandfather.

Before deciding to bring Martha RSD Swadana Jombang, families had to bring health and Trowulan Sakinah RSI. But because the condition is quite severe RSI Sakinah then treated to encourage the hospital to another. ''Finally, we take it to Jombang. But not long treated finally he died, 'he said.

Meanwhile, the head of Mojokerto regency Dinkes Noer said Windijantoro, Mertha Salsabila death due to health conditions exacerbated decline. Even in a state of mind at the drop was the first time the RSD Swadana Jombang. Searched''Yes I get reports from the RSD patients have conditions that drop, 'he said.

Although reports have got this far but have not received the data Dinkes last record and medical condition Mertha. ''I konkretnya data we have not received the report. Only if the drop is a normal condition and decreased reach 4 stadium,''Noer light.

Patient death Trowulan origin, continue, expand the list of five died as a result DBD. Data from at least last until Wednesday (21 / 1) yesterday to know Dinkes 4 died five positive DBD. Among M. Betrand Amrudin five age 3.5 years origin Hamlet / Village Kedungmaling, District Sooko, Mojokerto regency.

Son of the first pair of two brothers Roni and Susanto Khusnul point Amria intensify lives in the city of Mojokerto Reksawaluya RSU, as trombositnya down to 23 thousand from the normal seusainya 150 thousand. Reports that''we also get far 20 cases have already stated postif DBD,''explained.

Of cases that go to Dinkes, known in the six District, each Kemlagi District, District Gedeg, Trowulan District, District Sooko, and the District of Puri District Ngoro. However, the case''that many of the District Kemlagi and Gedeg, "Noer beber.

Men berkacama it added, circulation DBD, in addition to seasonal factors change, the environment is also great. As the drainage, water lines and water storage is less attention. Mosquitoes''at this time is difficult for the Brantas, sometimes not wallow through the water. Because the vehicle can be sheltered from the various regions, "he said.

To prevent melubernya DBD, he mengimbau to the community in order to make active breeding of mosquitoes (PSN) to implement the 3 M (drain, cover and bury). DBD predicted attacks will continue to rise in March. ''We also have done sosialosasi about the threat to the community through this DBD banner and direct appeal, "augment him. (Ris / yr)

refference: radar mojokerto


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