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31 March 2009

study orientalis: in uin Jakarta

By: Adian Husaini

Some time ago I get a course titled "Study Orientalisme against Al-Quran and Hadith" in Tafsir Hadith Studies and Philosophy Faculty of Ushuluddin UIN Jakarta.Course this semester, students are given for VIII.

The goal is to be given subjects to students, that is,''so that students can explain and apply to the study orientalis Al-Quran and hadith.''

There are four reference books recommended to read that (1) book of Mohammed Arkoun, Rethinking Islam, (2) Norman Calder book, entitled 'Studies in Early Muslim Jurisprudence' (3) books Kenneth Cragg, The Event of the Quran: Islam in Its Scripture '; (4) books Essac Farid, Qur'an, entitled Liberalism and Pluralism: an Islamic Perspective of Interreligious Solidarity againts Oppression).

Curriculum in a High Islamic university is the largest to be very important, because the curriculum is a guide to direct the type of student if the desired kind to be formed thoughts, especially on the Al-Quran and hadith. Moreover, the curriculum is given in the hadith and tafsir department.

The purpose of reference and a list of recommended already seen with the real, that UIN Jakarta - particularly department tafsir hadith - want to form a religious scholar who hold orientalis model, especially in the areas of Al-Quran and hadith.

From the recommended reference, for example, there is not works of Edward Said, known to the very critical orientalisme.

Hamka passed mentioning, that there are three objectives orientalisme in the Islamic world, namely (1) For the spread of Christianity to the lands of Islam, (2) For the purpose of colonization, (3) For the sake of knowledge only. (Hamka passed, Islamic Studies, 1985:12)

A study which is very critical and serious about the study of Islamic studies in orientalisme recently reviewed in the Journal ISLAMIA Vol II / 3. In his writings, Hamid FAHMY Zarkasyi give a sign, that is how smooty, there is only confusion orientalis in the study of Islam. Montgomery Watt, for example, that during this orientais considered moderate, when writing about Al-Quran and hadith, he also doubts otentisitas teachings of Islam.

He tried to prove, that the Al-Quran and hadith is contrived and inconsistent, and therefore can not serve as the source of life view of Islam.

He even suspect "verses of the devil" in the Al-Quran. Muhammad at Mecca, 1960, 103).

Of reference in the curriculum study Orientalisme UIN Jakarta, there is the book 'Islam Rethingking' Mohammed Arkoun paper. Arkoun this book is long (1996) translated and circulating in Indonesia, with the title 'Rethingking Islam'. A lecturer at the Faculty of Adab UIN Yogyakarta and published as the realization of the program work ICMI Orsat Montreal, Ottawa, Canada.

In this book, Arkoun clearly invites Muslims to think back and dredge up things that are considered to be established by Muslims.

In fact, it is undisguised regret, why Muslims do not want to follow the Jewish-Christian in the book criticizing sucinya. Arkoun, for example, mentions Mushaf Utsmani as the Closed Official Corpus, and he supports efforts to impeach the validity orientalis Mushaf Utsmani.

Arkoun words: "modern historians, historians have been analyzing this question with the spirit of criticism, that the principles of Al-Quran was collected in a political atmosphere that is very disorganized. An expert from Germany Kearaban present study, the first critical text of the Qur'an about the year 1860.''

Arkoun is by the experts from Germany Kearaban scrutinize the text of al-Quran is the Theodore Nöldeke, who in 1860 published a book, Geschichte des Qurans (History of al-Quran).

The result, until now, Geschichte des Qorans become standard works of history orientalis especially critical in preparing Al-Quran.

Musthafa A'zhami, in his book, The History of The Qur'anic Text, cite a single article in the Encyclopedia Britannica (1891), where the number of Nöldeke confusion in the Al-Quran, the word Nöldeke, "Muhammad ignorance" about the early history of Judaism - carelessness of the names and details of the other that he steal from Jewish sources.''

In his book, A'zhami prove a number of fatal errors Noldeke study about Al-Quran.

That Theodore Nöldeke, Germany dibanggakan orientalis by Arkoun has conducted a study critical of the text Al-Quran and the Prophet Muhammad has been accuse the author of al-Quran and the ignorant.

Strangely, not scrutinize Nöldeke thoughts, regrets Arkoun is why Muslim scholars do not follow the text orientalis in criticizing Al-Quran is.

He wrote in his book: "Unfortunately that philosophical criticism of the sacred text - which has been applied to the Bible in Hebrew and New Testament but does not cause negative consequences for the concept of revelation - continued scientific opinion rejected by Muslims.

The works continue to ignore the flow of German, and Muslim scholars, scientists do not dare do such research even if this research will strengthen the scientific foundation and the Historical Manuscripts theology revelation. The reason for this preference is political resistance and psychologically.''

Arkoun suggestion that criticism of Islam to Al-Quran text since it has been long recommended by the orientalis.

1927, a pastor Iraq Christian origin, Prof.. Alphonse Mingana, already suggested, to put the Al-Quran as a subject kritisisme, as has been done to the Bible. (The time has surely come to subject the text of the Qur’an to the same criticism as that to which we subject the Hebrew and Aramaic of the Jewish Bible, and the Greek of the Christian scriptures). (The time has surely come to the subject text of the Qur'an to the same criticism as that to which we subject the Hebrew and Aramaic of the Jewish Bible, and the Greek of the Christian scriptures).

Orientalis the Jews and Christians during this attempted overthrow of Muslim confidence that Mushaf Al-Quran is really God's Word, lafdhan wa ma'nan, from God. There is no human element in it. Furthermore, editorial staff of al-Quran itself there is no intervention of the Prophet Muhammad saw.

In a letter al-Haaqqah verse 44-46, God gives to the threat of the Prophet Muhammad saw:
"Had he (Muhammad) forged a partial word up (name) We, we will hold him in the right hands, then indeed we cut lace heart muscle."

The concept of the text Al-Quran as the word of God is very different from the draft text also said the Bible by Christians as the 'word of God'. For Al-Quran is the Book of tanzil, which is revealed through the Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad saw.

While the Bible is a book written by the author of the Bible that says get inspiration from the Holy Spirit. So However, there are elements in the human concept of Bible text. Dr.C. Groenen, author book Introduction to In the New Testament, states, even though I get the Bible says the Holy Spirit's inspiration, but the "church council Vatican II also stressed that the death does not inspire personal activities of authors, so that how the Bible is holy, he was still human."

Indeed, in the church council Vatican II, verbum dei (13), who said: "For the words of God, expressed in human language, have been made like human discourse, just as of old the Word of the eternal Father, when he took himself to the weak flesh of humanity, became like other man. "(Translation Indonesian edition, by Dr. Dokpen J. Riberu from MAWI, 1983, is:" For the word of God, which is expressed with the human language, has been with the same human language , the same as before sabda Eternal Father, take the weak human flesh and become equal with men. ")

Then, as their understanding of the Bible, a number of Catholic theologian / Christian urges Muslims recognize that the elements in the human Al-Quran. Michel J. Scanlon, Professor of systematic theology at Washington Theological Union and president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, stated, "The absolute character of the Quran as the Word of God is a traditional tenet of Islamic orthodoxy."

(The absolute character of al-Quran as the words God is the orthodox doctrine of Islam). He supports the idea of Al-Quran as a "reception revelation" (Reception of revelation). (See, Scanlon, J. Michel, "Fidelity to Monotheism," ins Ellis, Kail C. (ed), The Vatican, Islam, and the Middle East, Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, 1987).

In his book, Musthafa A'zhami also cite the famous Catholic theologian, Hans Küng, who suggested that Muslims would like to acknowledge the human element in the play on the al-Quran. (Peter Ford, “The Quran as Sacred Scripture”, dalam Muslim World, No 2, April 1993).

Among the reference books "Orientalisme Study of Al-Quran and Hadith" in Tafsir Hadith Studies and Philosophy Faculty of Ushuluddin UIN Jakarta, also mentioned Kenneth Cragg book titled 'The Event of the Quran: Islam in Its Scripture'. A'zhami record, that Cragg is a leader of the Anglican Church that mengimbau Muslims to rethink the traditional concept of Islamic revelation and suggested that verses Madaniah left.

infiltrasi Case faculty curriculum-Tafsir Hadith in UIN Jakarta is the real evidence, that the infiltration.Orientalisme in Islamic studies at the Islamic university, is too far mencengkeram the Muslim scholars. This is very ironic.

In fact, any how, the study of orientalis in the study Al-Quran has been a variety of irregularities.

It is strange, if the purpose of the curriculum is the direct way that students in the hadith, tafsir UIN Jakarta can understand and apply to the study orientalis Al-Quran and Hadith. This strange and wonderful. Whether lecturers who teach this subject to realize the impact that caused this kind of curriculum?

2004, Kompas published a book almunus Faculty Ushuluddin UIN Jakarta, entitled "Critical Islamic sects." But, strange, this book is not quoted in the critical thinking Arkoun and other liberal thinkers, such as Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd. Religious scholars from UIN Jakarta is writing:

"Al-Quran as a text, according to Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd, is essentially cultural products. (Al Quran Tekstualitas, 2000). This can be proved with time terkumpulnya Al-Quran text in 20 years that in the social and cultural realities. "(P. 91).

"In this modern era, there are two leading mufassir using the method hermeneutika Mohammed Fazlur Rahman and Mohammed Arkoun ... Arkoen people who may try to use completely hermeneutika in the interpretation of Al-Quran.

For the purposes of analysis, Arkoun borrowed from the theory hermeneutika Paul Ricour, introducing the three-level "the word of God" or levels of Revelation. "(P. 94).

Giving the title "mufassir leading" to the Arkoun Rahman and worship is something excessive and not at all critical attitude, because the two people that, until now, has never produced a book of any commentary, and tafsirnya theory also borrow from a number of thinkers in the West hermeneutika.

If only such a curriculum, can received, if there is a faculty scholar of Tafsir, Hadith is not critical to the study results orientalis and 'followers', but at the same time, be very critical of the Companions of the Prophet and the leading Islamic scholars. Attitude that can be caused by stupidity, or because the disease can be in his heart, which is already inclined to wore think.

In fact, there is a religious scholar from IAIN Semarang, the ringannya with writing in a journal: "Thus, the revelation of fact there are two:" verbal inspiration "(" revelation explicit "in the form of editorial preparation of Muhammad) and" non-verbal inspiration "(" wahyu implicit "form of the social context of that time).(Journal Justisia, edition 27/2005).

Bachelor's degree-the religion of the scrutinize and give a badword Al-Quran is this kind who want to study education generated through Al-Quran ala orientalis in UIN Jakarta, and the like? Na'udzubillahi min dzalika. (Jakarta, January 13 2006/hidayatullah.com).

Note Weekends Adian Husaini is the result of cooperation Dakta Radio 107 FM and www.hidayatullah.com

from: swara muslim (original language in indonesian translated by me n mr. google)


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